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No gaming icon community? Geez.


1. Only Icon posts. This means: no icon requests, no greeting messages ("OMG liek this iz my first post HI!!!!1!!"), no flames, no arguments, and don't be stupid. Wallpaper and banners posts are also acceptable.

2. Always, always, ALWAYS credit the creator of the icon in your icon keywords. If you don't know how to do this, look it up in the FAQ.

3. Any video game goes. Any -legal- game. No hentai or porn thingies. Only games. That's why this is a gaming icon community. Also acceptable are comics or drawings (note: not fanart, only published art) from the games.

4. No flaming. Or I'll boot you out.

5. Have fun. Humor is greatly rewarded.

6. Read these rules. If you join, I'll assume you've read them. If posts or comments are made that do not follow these rules, they will be deleted without any niceities.

7. I love Halo. Halo icons get xxxtra points.

If we have a lot of members later, we have have contests.
I know the popularity of RPGs and Japanese stuff nowadays, feel free to post those icons. But it'd be kinda nice to get in some good 'ol American games. Call of Duty, Hitman, GTA, Halo, Max Payne, Splinter Cell, all that such stuff. Just to give the community some balance. Classic games are always appreciated. I know I could do with some good Pacman icons.
Any questions, contact the mod Ari here at her own journal. She also manages groovy_icons.